Lago is backed by Y Combinator, and we (silently) launched

Lago is a no-code tool for growth teams, to segment and sync. customer data


Our journey so far

  • March 2021: We created Lago

  • May 2021: We got in Y Combinator. Alumni are Dropbox, Stripe, Airbnb.

  • August 2021: After 5 months of intense building, we launched our private beta.

  • One week later, one of our clients wrote this in his investors’ update
    (N.B.: we did not ask him to do so!):

  • Another verbatim we got: 

‘In my previous company, reactivation campaigns took 6 months to implement because of back and forth with engineers to sync the right data to our CRM.
With Lago, I’ve done it in minutes! And we have already won back 10% of our churners!’

What about now?

We’re cherry picking a handful of users who we think can benefit the most from Lago, and spend tons of time with them. 

Our days are spent in this loop: ‘Talk to users <> Iterate’ -> ‘Build something people want’ 

If you’re interested in Lago, let’s talk! 

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What are the typical use cases and outcomes for Lago’s users?

1 - Better Sales productivity: product usage data effortlessly transformed and synced to your CRM (e.g., Salesforce, Hubspot), marketing tools (e.g.,, support tools (e.g., Zendesk, Intercom)

2 - Better product activation: segments of inactive customers created in no-code, and continuously synced to multiple tools: CRM, emailing, ads, support

3 - Better user acquisition: create lookalike audiences of your top customers. Best ROI on ads ever.

Lago’s ambition

Lago’s ambition is to dominate a nascent yet massive market: no-code data tools. 

We aim at making data accessible and usable to anybody, starting with growth teams. 

Why growth teams

Companies such as Airbnb and Uber have shown the importance of having teams focused on growth. Growth is one of the fastest growing functions at software companies, yet there are few tools built specifically for them.

What they need: iteration speed =  a condition for success

All growth teams need to segment and synchronize customer data across dozens of tools to improve marketing, product experience and sales, but the traditional tools that do this cost hundreds of thousands a year, and require dedicated engineers to implement (for example: Fivetran, Snowflake, Hightouch/Census).

Lago solves this by allowing  growth teams to do this themselves, without having to code. We offer a spreadsheet-like interface to manage and plan their audiences, instead of having to resort to complex data modeling, SQL, and building data pipelines.

With our no-code tool the same tasks of data extraction, modeling, and synchronization can be accomplished in minutes vs hours.

See it in action here:

What we learnt so far

Our tool is loved by both engineers and non-engineers (e.g., growth marketers, sales/business ops teams, founders). In hindsight, it’s obvious: these two personas need to collaborate around customer data, yet before Lago, they had no tools to do that. 

Why us?

We experienced this pain firsthand at our previous companies.

Two of us led Growth together at Qonto, one of the fintech unicorns in Europe, during 3 years. Anh-Tho was the 1st employee and VP Growth, Raffi ran Growth and Data Operations. 

Cyril, our 3rd co-founder and CTO, went through the pain of data plumbing for sales, growth and product teams and was knowledgeable of the customer data space as he co-founded

Existing investors include Lyle Fong (ex Partner at YC and EQT Ventures), Austen Allred (Lambda School), Ben Tossel (Makerpad acq. By Zapier, no-code fund), Clément Delangue (Hugging Face), Erika Batista (On Deck), Romain Huet (ex Head of dev. relations at Stripe), Amaury Sepulchre (eFounders), Kima Ventures... and now Y Combinator.

Why Y Combinator

Y Combinator was the best investor to help us compete on a global stage from day 1. 

There are many data tools available to engineers, but very few include the ‘non-engineer’ persona by design.

‘Non-engineers’ and ‘engineers’ still struggle to collaborate, even on critical tasks such as taking actions on customer data.
This is the unsolved, growing, global and massive opportunity Lago is addressing. 

Being on the global stage from day 1 was crucial in our decision to join YC, and we have not been disappointed. 

It was the fastest path to reach a global audience: users from all continents, world-class mentors and investors, and above all a tight-knit community of entrepreneurs.

We’ll write a longer post to share our experience in the coming weeks.

Want to try Lago?

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We commit to add value at every step. Whether it’s directly elated to Lago or not.

We met hundreds of growth teams, and there’s a high probability we already worked on some challenges you’re experimenting, and have ‘best practices’ in mind, that can help.

If you know anyone struggling with customer data, we’re happy to help too. Just intro us!